WATCH: NWHL Desk; Boston Pride vs. Buffalo Beauts Show

Michelle Jay/NWHL has been broadcasting all of the NWHL games this season. The partnership has taken the hockey world by storm, giving thousands of fans a platform to watch their favourite teams play. Inspired by the efforts that Twitch has put into giving women’s hockey a platform, a group of Ryerson University students wanted to do the same. With Twitch offering limited pre and postgame coverage, as well as intermission reports for each game, the Ryerson Sport Media students have taken it upon themselves to create intermission reports and a pregame and postgame shows for every game in the bubble this season.

For the remainder of the season, The Puck Authority is proud to be posting the NWHL Desk live stream on our site to give our readers a chance to be able to tune into the show that these students have really done a great job producing.

Boston Pride vs. Buffalo Beauts

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