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The Puck Authority Podcast EP16 ft. Jayna Hefford The Puck Authority

In this episode of The Puck Authority Podcast, David Ciss and Justin Levine discuss the state of professional women's hockey with the announcement just three weeks back of the newest expansion team coming to Toronto. That followed by conversation regarding year one of the PWHPA and the thoughts presented from Victoria Bach as to what Jayna's doing to provide visibility. As such, we discuss the narrative of the NWHL and PA at odds and what has been said dating back to last May and why that's been focused on in lieu of the end goal. We also discuss Jayna's days as a coach in U Sports with the Varsity Blues and how that's prepared her for the role she holds now and the next steps forward for one unified league. We then discuss why the division on top of the year that both sides have experienced and what the main factors are due to the standstill and lasting effects for players having to choose. We then leap ahead to promotion and how the Olympians presence contributes and why it is that they're seen as important for the incoming players and that impact that has. While discussing this thought in depth, we single in on the game's visibility and what role that plays for fans on both sides respectively. Given the PA's current mission, we also discuss the efforts in terms of supports put at work by the strategy teams. For the PA, this includes Hockey Canada and for equipment, both Adidas and Bauer. With the NHL as a partner, we debate if professional hockey is now something girls can be as opposed to just see. This of course due to hard work that is being done daily to establish sustainability. After talking about the models at work, David and I discuss the leaders assisting and the just how important that is on this mission. We break down the active hands on both sides and why at this time that is so significant. Speaking of path to achievement, we discuss the heavy hand that is sponsors and the need for that help if one league is established. We also chat players and teams and where some would go with a potential surplus. We bring to light to the PWHPA's chapters and how it would work to distribute players fairly.  While taking a stab at the future, we debate where the standoff goes next with tensions currently heated going into stage two. In relevance, we discuss the hardships that many athletes endure when leaving college as a senior. As well, we touch on equality and what women like Jayna have achieved in hockey and what that says about hard work and commitment if you look at the partnership side of the game. We end in discussing potentials that might set them back due to COVID-19 and what the support looks like with sponsors and resources in terms of a need that speaks to volumes beyond them. Additionally, we look at essentials and what role they have as players seek out equality. After Justin sat down with some players from the Montreal and GTA chapters of the PA, he sat down with Jayna last Wednesday to discuss her career and the successes she saw this year. Jayna was a pleasure to speak with and was very insightful while remaining transparent. Jayna is a former member of the Brampton Thunder and the National Women's Team. While she's represented Canada at the Olympics, now Hefford is focused on the next generation. Today, she is with the PWHPA and is an alumna of University of Toronto. Previously, Jayna played in the OUA with the Varsity Blues. Thank you again to Jayna for taking time out of her day to speak with us. Enjoy this special episode, No. 16 of The Puck Authority Podcast! 🙂
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