After Digit Murphy vaguely hinted on Sunday to keep an eye out for the team’s launch via Twitter, The Toronto Six unveiled on Tuesday their new team name, logo, colours and branding.

As cited by the official press release, the team name was picked by the league after being suggested in a poll from the fans. As well, the name and logo are inspired by a popular nickname for the City of Toronto.

“The Six” was first created as a trademark for the city of Toronto back in 2015 when it was dubbed by Drake, a rapper and singer, which almost instantly became a fan favourite. it originates from the 416 area code which has since been embraced by locals and athletes alike.

Toronto Six/NWHL

Taking a deeper look at the meaning, the logo includes an angled golden maple leaf which is found on the inside of the team’s TO6 crest. As such, it is supposed to pay tribute to the Golden Horseshoe region found in Ontario. Not only that, but the gold itself reflects the high standards set by the players and staff in Canadian Women’s Hockey.

That being said, it acknowledges the excellence the sixth team is committed to both establishing and growing. This is the case as a provider of opportunity for women in sports and a perennial Isobel Cup contender. The press release also makes note that they strive to do this as a leader in the advancement of women’s professional hockey in North America.

From an artistic standpoint, the maple leaf displays a notched mark where a hockey stick is found along with that of a skate edge. The actual six itself is coloured in red which salutes the country and its flag. The design of the maple leaf offers praise to the architecture the city is surrounded by.

Toronto Six/NWHL

As the team prepares to play in November, they asked their many fans via Twitter to pick a name and a logo that they created for submission. After the team was first unveiled last month, a poll on the league’s website showed there were more votes for The Six than any other name in the running.

In keeping with familiar faces, the Toronto Six’ logo was designed by M Style Marketing which is based in New York. The agency has done several emblems for the NWHL in recent seasons. Their work includes a handful of All-Star jerseys made for events in Boston, Nashville and Minnesota.

With the name and logo now revealed, the press release cites that Digit Murphy and the league will unveil Toronto’s uniforms in the coming weeks. In a statement from Tyler Tumminia, acting chair of the Toronto Six, she said, “We wanted a bold, clean and modern brand for the team, for the game and for the city.”

Toronto Six/NWHL

The Six join the NWHL as the second expansion team for the league’s sixth season. The team was originally announced back on April 22nd after weighing their options. Alongside Tumminia and Murphy, the hockey club is run and operated by Mandy Cronin and Johanna Neilson Boynton. That being said, it is the first city in Canada to have a franchise instated in the NWHL.

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