In my newest series for The Puck Authority, I have decided to do something fun. I wanted to know what a team made up of players drafted in a specific round of the NHL Entry Draft would look like. In this article, you will see a top team of current NHL players that are made up of players drafted in the 5th round. Every article in this series will be made up of players drafted in a specific round of the draft or players who initially went undrafted as well.

The team displayed below is made up of current NHL players that were drafted in the 5th round of the NHL Entry Draft.


Jamie Benn – Alexander Kerfoot – Brendan Gallagher

Zach Hyman – Micheal Ferland – Mike Hoffman

Charles Hudon – Darren Helm – Matt Calvert

Oskar Lindblom – Andrew Shaw – Ryan Reaves


Maxime Lajoie – John Klingberg

Jake Muzzin – Colin Miller

Mark Borowiecki – Connor Carrick


Starting Goaltender: Connor Hellebuyck

Backup Goaltender: Ryan Miller

Jeff McIntosh/The Canadian Press

After completing the build of this team, I was surprised by the end result. The defence was better then I thought it would be and the offence was not bad as well. The first two offensive lines were much better than the 3rd and 4th line but overall there was plenty of depth all around.

Jaime Benn, Alexander Kerfoot and Brendan Gallagher make up a pretty solid first line and Zach Hyman, Micheal Ferland and Mike Hoffman, makes for a skilled second line that would make for some entertaining hockey. The 3rd and 4th line are definitely lower caliber then the first two lies but still better then expected. Hudon is a solid option on the third line.

He is a skilled young player that is able to score goals and is strong on the puck as well. He is the speedster on this line. Helm and Calvert are veterans in the NHL. Helm is coming off arguably his best season to date. He had 31 points which was only one point shy of his career high 32.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It is important to note however that Helm only played 75 games last season which is 7 less games then he played in the 2010-2011 season in which he recorded his career high 32 points. Calvert is not known for his offensive production but is more well known for his style of play. He is a strong player who has a strong shot that he needs to learn to use more.

He is not the kind of player to do it all offensively as he is a strong team player. The 4th line of Shaw, Reaves and Lindblom is a prime example of an NHL 4th line. It features two physical players who are not known for their offensive upside as much as for their physical style of play in Shaw and Reaves and a young offensive-minded player who is relatively new to the NHL in Lindblom who is not yet ready for top-6 minutes. Overall, the offence may not be Stanley Cup caliber but it is defiantly stronger then many would have thought.

As for the defence, Lajoie has had a great start to the season so far and looks like he has what it takes to be a consistent top-4 defender which is great news for the Ottawa Senators. Many people tend to forget that the Dallas Stars drafted two of their best players in Jaime Benn and John Klingberg in the 5th round. Klingberg is one of the top defenders in the league and would undoubtedly be the best defender on this team.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jake Muzzin and Colin Miller are two solid defensive options that do a great job in rounding out a solid defensive core for this team of 5th rounds. The third pairing defensive line of Mark Borowiecki and Connor Carrick is more of a depth option. Borowiecki is a solid defensemen that is most known for using the body in his physical style of play while Carrick is still young and plays a decent two way game.

Paired with Borowiecki, Carrick would be the puck mover on this line while Borowiecki would be more of the shutdown defender. The defence for this team is surpassingly strong and better then many current NHL teams. It is arguably even better then the cup winning Capitals defence who won the Stanley Cup just last year.

Hellebuyck and Miller are a great goaltender duo. Hellebuyck would be the starting goalie but Miller would be a great backup option. He may be getting older but is still more then capable of stopping pucks as demonstrated with his 2.44 goals adjacent average and .932 save percentage with the struggling Anaheim Ducks this season through four games played.

Jeffrey T. Barnes/The Associated Press

He is a solid backup goaltender who would be able to fill in at the starting position if need be. Hellebuyck is a top NHL goaltender. Just last year, he was nominated for the Vezina Trophy and had the most wins in the entire NHL with 44. He is a top goaltender who is still only 25-years-old.

Thinking that a team made up of solely 5th round picks would be an elite team of all stars was never likely to occur. But I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised with how this team turned out. It featured a surpassingly decent offence, a strong defensive core and great goaltender depth as well.

The team may not be a Stanley Cup contender, but they are stronger then people think when they think of 5th round picks. It just goes to show you that talent can be found in any round of the draft.

Stay tuned to see what draft round I create a team of current NHL players for in the next edition for The Puck Authority.

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