The Puck Authority’s Prospect Profiles: Josh Doan

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Name: Josh Doan

Position: Forward

League: USHL (United States Hockey League)

Team: Chicago Steel

Shoots: Right

Age/DOB: 18-years-old, February 2nd, 2002

Birthplace: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Height: 6’0

Weight: 170lbs

Potential Draft Round: Sixth-Seventh Round


Scouting Notes:

Josh Doan is a hard-working forward who carries a lot of tools in his belt. With the Steel, he did not play a big role offensively due to the team’s many high-end scorers. Regardless of his stat sheet, Doan brings a lot to the table when he’s on the ice.

One aspect of Doan’s game that is particularly notable is his play away from the puck. He plays a fast paced game and is especially aggressive on the forecheck. He does a good job attacking the puck carrier and uses his speed and active stick to knock the puck away from puck-carriers. He surprises opposing players with his speed and aggressiveness, forcing them to give up the puck or lose it entirely. Although he does not always regain control of the puck after a challenge, he does a good job stopping the current play and forcing the team opposing him to regroup.

Another strong element of his game is his puck pursuit which is something that coaches will surely love about Doan’s game. His hustle when following the puck is aggressive and effective. Regardless on whether he is in the neutral zone or in front of the net, he does a good job tracking and following the puck and works hard to get it when in position to do so. He plays it smart by not leaving his position to pursue the puck and potentially leaving an area uncovered.

In regards to his offensive game, Doan has decent offensive skill, but was not typically used in a major offensive role this year. He showed flashes of offensive potential, most notably with his skating abilities. Doan uses his speed to drive to the net and is able to battle through defenders with a combination of speed and puck-handling skills. While his stickhandlng is not at an elite-level, he does a decent job controlling the puck while moving at high speeds. While he is able to receive the puck and take it close to the net, what he could benefit from working on is shooting the puck to create more dangerous scoring chances. The offence that Josh Doan does generate typically tends to come as a result of his speed and overall quickness.

Overall, Doan’s game is still somewhat raw. He knows how to be an effective presence on the ice with or without the puck, but still has some areas to work on if he wants to find success at higher levels. His puck pursuit and aggressiveness on the forecheck are the aspects of his game that are most likely to transfer to the next level.

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