Player Information:

Name: Jean-Luc Foudy

Position: Center

League: Ontario Hockey League (OHL)

Team: Windsor Spitfires

Shoots: Right

Age/DOB: 17-years-old, May 13th, 2002

Birthplace: Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Height: 5’11

Weight: 168 lbs

OHL Drafted: By Windsor Spitfires, (first round, 10th overall, 2018 OHL Priority Selection)

Potential Draft Round: First-second round

NHL Potential: Top-Six Forward

Playing Style: Playmaker


Player Notes

Jean-Luc Foudy had quite an impressive rookie season in the OHL. During the 2018-2019 season, Foudy recorded 49 points in 63 games as a rookie. Many expected him to develop further this year and heavily increase his point total, however, he finished the season with 43 points in 59 games.

His production this season has caused his ranking to drop on some people’s draft boards, however, his point production should not fool people. He has a very high-end skillset and is one of the best skaters in the entire draft class. If he can reach his ceiling, Foudy can be a top-six playmaker in the NHL.

Scouting Notes

Speed is a key aspect of Jean-Luc Foudy’s game. Everything he does, he does it fast. He is one of the fastest and overall best skaters in the entire draft. He skates very well on his edges which allows him to create space and get a better vision of where his teammates are.

He has pro-level footwork which is very important for a player of his age. He shakes in a way that it just seems to come very naturally to him. His skating style is not something that is easily taught.

With his speed, comes his playmaking abilities. Foudy uses his speed to help him get past defenders to be able to distribute the puck and create passing lanes. He reads the ice very well and creates plays that are at times too advanced for his teammates to be able to read.

Luke Durda/OHL Images

His puck-handling abilities are another one of his skills like his brother Liam (Columbus Blue Jackets 2018 first-round draft pick). He makes plays at a professional level which is impressive to see. Despite his strong hockey-IQ, there are still some things that he needs to improve.

Foudy has a strong shot and great hands and when he combines the two, it makes for some great scoring chances. What Foudy could benefit from is shooting the puck more. Often times, he feels more confident trying to create a play than shoot the puck, even when there is a shooting lane.

He has a strong shot, but does not use it as much as he should. Very similar to Jesperi Kotkaniemi in the sense that they both possess high-end playmaking abilities and a strong shot, however, would benefit from shooting the puck more.

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