South Carolina Stingrays Mid-Season Update: Reason For Optimism Or All Hope Lost?

As we start getting closer to the season’s halfway mark, the South Carolina Stingrays currently sit in fifth place in the Eastern Conference with a 15-12-8 record. They do so, owning 38 points along with a .543 win percentage. Based on how the season started for them in comparison to now, is there reason for optimism that the team can continue to turn the season around, or are they doomed to fall again? As of the time of writing, the Stingrays are currently on a winning streak and own a record of 6-4-3.

To answer that question, let’s first break down the team’s first 32 games into two halves. In the team’s first 16 games, South Carolina went 9-3-4 while compiling a total of 22 points. During this time, the team was firing on all cylinders, players were clicking and team chemistry was as high as ever. Not only this, but the team, after their first 16 games, was clearly in a playoff spot, fighting for first place in the Eastern Conference.

Then training camp started for the Hershey Bears, which would see Caleb Herbert, Mason Morelli, Macoy Ekramps, Will Graber and Alex Dubeau all leave the organization. This proved to be a big hit to the Stingrays team chemistry, and it showed, as they went 3-9-4 over the course of their next 16 games. Through that time, they compiled 10 points.

South Carolina Stingrays/ECHL

That takes us to today. The Stingrays are currently experiencing some optimism, as the team is on a three-game winning streak and signs are pointing towards things turning around. Coming off a weekend sweep against the Fort Wayne Komets, who sit atop the Western Conference, the Stingrays earned a huge six points, while outscoring the Komets by a 12-4 margin. This was a momentum booster the Stingrays needed.

There is hope currently brewing that the Stingrays will keep the hot streak going, which has found them in fifth place. As of now, the Stingrays trail the Swamp Rabbits by only four points. What do you think, though? Can things continue to turn around, or is this a brief flash before the team starts to fall again? There’s still time left, but with every loss, the hope for playoffs dwindles more.

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