New Jersey Devils Fans To Elect New Goal Song

For the past several seasons, the New Jersey Devils fans have been listening to goal song “Howl” sung by Gaslight Anthem, a New Brunswick and New Jersey band. It has been a very good run thus far in a short amount of time. However, it seems that game day operations and entertainment president, Hugh Weber, must’ve heard back from a pair of season ticket members to dial it back and to pick a new song.

It has been years since the Devils and the fans have rightfully parted ways with the wrongdoings of Gary Glitter. For so many years, from the three Stanley Cups, Devils fans have been so accustomed to Rock N’ Roll Part 2, otherwise known as the Hey Song. Sure it is a classic rock and stadium anthem jam, or was a stadium back in the day, but with so many amendments of goal songs to “This Is Our House” by NJ native Bon Jovi that got booed on opening night (Bon Jovi is a Rangers fan) to The White Stripes- “Seven Nation Army” only lasted less than a season.

But what I noticed over the years is that Montreal did an amazing job playing “Let But” by Loco Locass a marvellous band out of the Montreal, Quebec area. The passion of what Loco Locass brought in that jam was the French lyrics and the spirit of Quebec to the love for the Montreal Canadiens.

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It is safe to say that if New Jersey Devils fans do elect a local New Jersey band whether it is the Palisades, Misfits, Gaslight Anthem, Bouncing Souls, Saves The Day or whoever it may be, there is a ton of great bands to use for a new goal song. Over the years before I became a contributor here at The Puck Authority, I will say this from a Devils fan perspective that the fans are big on metal bands, New Jersey based bands and anything that brings a lot of energy and excitement.

One of the things that Hugh Weber and the New Jersey Devils event staff did build momentum off of was the “One Jersey” campaign where they began to use more New Jersey bands music at the games. Another thing they did right was beginning to use craft beers made in New Jersey that resonate with Devils fans. So if you are looking at a theme and a trend, the road is going towards a New Jersey based band that fans love dearly. Devils fans are very passionate from their hockey to even the music they adore.

So the criteria will be something more family friendly, New Jersey centric and a song that is very exciting to every Devils fan at all the home games. If there are any New Jersey bands reading this for a customized goal song, please make it very unique and something people at the games will embrace for many seasons.

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Guys like Nico Hischier and Jack Hughes are going to be around for a very long time and having the fans vote for the right goal song will only boost morale in upcoming Devils games and hopefully build a tradition. A tradition where players and fans can rejoice in participation of celebrations of each home goal.

This has been every Devils fan from the past when they used to hear Rock N’ Roll Part 2. Players like Brodeur, Elias, Sykora, Bryli and Jim Dowd come to mind from that time period with Rock N’ Roll Part 2. That song was so yesterday and it is now time to move on.

My three picks from the eight goal songs listed: Howl by Gaslight Anthem, Ole by Bouncing Souls and Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen. These are all very notable songs by performing artists from Newark Jersey. I have Howl as the goal song still.

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What I mentioned about Jack Hughes and Nico Hischier being around for a long time is that a special goal song will be the one similar to Chelsea Dagger. Why is that? When you have two very elite and very gifted players on your team, opponents will think “geez we have to hear (name of song) after that Devils goal horn again.” Every time you usually see the NHL schedule and you see a team that has a very tough home ice advantage, that’s where you begin to think about that goal song being played on the PA.

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