McDavid And Terry Excited To Sport Same Colours At All-Star Game

Claus Andersen/Getty Images North America

The annual NHL All-Star Game gives players the chance to take to the ice with some of the fiercest competition, while sporting the same sweater and sharing the same goals. For many younger, first-time All-Stars, the chance to play with players they grew up watching, or even those who are amongst the best of the best in the NHL is an opportunity that they hope for. But even the very best are often looking for players who they would like to skate with as well.

As someone who many fans and players alike consider to be the best in the world, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t marvel at the chance to skate alongside Connor McDavid. 

McDavid, 25-years-old, is no stranger to the NHL All-Star Game. With Las Vegas being his fifth time taking part in the annual festivities, the Oilers superstar has had the chance to play alongside some of the best that the Pacific Division has to offer. From goaltenders like Marc-Andre Fleury, defensemen like Brent Burns and Erik Karlsson, and forwards such as Elias Pettersson, McDavid has had a chance to play with many stars in whom he often squares off against. After what seems like countless All-Star Game appearances for McDavid, he realizes that while he’s played with plenty of all-stars already, there is always new young talent flooding into the league.

“You know, I’ve been at this event a few times, and have played with a lot of the Pacific Division All-Stars now, and there are some of the new guys coming in like (the) Troy Terry’s and whatnot, so I’m pretty excited to play with some of those young guys,” said the Edmonton Oilers captain.

Terry, who is enjoying a breakout campaign with the Anaheim Ducks, was added to the event after being voted in during the ‘Last Man In’ vote. His first All-Star selection did not come as a surprise, especially for Ducks fans. Terry leads the team in scoring by a significant margin, with 41 points in 43 games through the season’s first half. Of his 41 points, 25 have come as goals that tie him for the fifth-highest total in the NHL. Before the 2021-22 season, Terry’s previous career-high point total stood at 20 through 48 games last season, a mark which he has more than doubled this year. He has been a key factor contributing to the Ducks, escaping the league’s basement, while also emerging as a likely playoff team this season.

Upon hearing the news that Connor McDavid, had mentioned Troy Terry as a player who he is excited to play with at the All-Star Game, Terry’s eyes lit up. “I got goosebumps that you just said that,” the former Olympian said. ‘“It’s really cool for me because I have my family here and I’ve got a lot of people who have come, but everyone has been pretty open with me. I’m coming here to just enjoy the experience and obviously see them when I can, but really just try to get to know other guys. When your coming to an All-Star Game, the guy that stands out to everyone is Connor McDavid. I mean, he’s someone that everyone in the league follows, everyone in the league is in awe of, and I’ve always been impressed with how he handles himself. He’s someone that I’m sure if you asked anyone here, they were/are excited to meet Connor McDavid, so just to hear you say that makes me pretty happy. I’m really glad we are on the same team for this and I’ll be able to spent some time with him and Leon [Draisaitl] and all the guys on our team.”

McDavid, alongside Terry and the Pacific Division All-Stars, are looking to defend their crown following a defeat of the Atlantic Division All-Stars back in 2019.

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