Here at The Puck Authority, our writing staff is filled with people who live and breathe the game of hockey. But what happens when hockey comes to an abrupt and sudden halt? Over the past two weeks, our writers have decided to give you a little insight into what they have been doing without the sport we all know and love.

Our goal is to give our readers some idea of what they can do to survive this “pause” until hockey resumes at some point in the near future. If not you’re not alone at this dark time, we’re all in this trying to survive.

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David Ciss

Its been only a few weeks without hockey, but I can truthfully say it has been the hardest few weeks of my life. At first, I really did not know what to do with myself. I tried to find any league that was still active but, had little luck in doing so.

Eventually, I snapped. I tried to busy myself with anything I could find around the house. I tried doing puzzles, reading, watching TV, but all I could think of was hockey. Finally, I resorted to desperate measures.

I spent time with my kids. I found out that I have three of them. Apparently, they have lived with me for years, but I really had no idea. One of them approached me asking if we were going to watch Hockey Night In Canada this Saturday like we always do.

I looked at her blank-faced. I didn’t realize anyone actually watched hockey with me on Saturday nights. When hockey is on the television, that is where 100% of my attention goes.

In all seriousness, the one part of the story above that is true is the fact that it has been a tough few weeks. Without hockey, I have had to find other things to focus on to pass the time. Some are hockey related, but others are not.

For starters, I have been playing a bit more NHL 20 to keep me connected to hockey in some way. While most sports have stopped around the world, the NFL has not stopped free agency and it has been wild. While I know that not every hockey fan follows the NFL religiously or even at all, there has been pretty much nothing else going on in the world of professional sports.

Following the NFL’s free agency has been a great way to feel connected to sports. For those people saying, “I don’t like football” and “I don’t really know anything about the NFL,” well now is the perfect time to start. I mean….. What other sports are going on?

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Armand Klisivitch

Wait, There’s no hockey? Well, this is gonna suck. Over the past week or so, I have been adjusting to this “No Real Hockey” lifestyle, however, I’m still watching the Habs games that are being played on NHL 20 and streaming them to their social media pages. It’s not exactly ideal, but it will certainly do the trick for now.

I have recently started reading the Seventh Edition of the Media Writers Handbook by George T. Arnold. The handbook has helped me realize how to elevate my articles and has been extremely resourceful. I recommend it to anybody who’s a journalist. Along with that, I finally finished my experience article on my first year with the Adirondack Thunder which can be found here.

Moving forward, I plan on taking Joe’s idea of learning French because as a Habs fan and wanting to write for them in the future, it may be helpful to know the native language. I also plan on pumping out more prospect profiles for the site and we are hopefully inching closer to the 2020 NHL Draft in Montreal, Quebec.

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Courtney Phillips

Some of you might be wondering what is going on here…well I am being made to write this, just to give myself something to do so I don’t go insane without hockey. They are making me do it, they said it will help keep my mind off the fact that the season got cut short.

I guess I have to admit, it is a good distraction. Although I am still upset the season was cut short, I can’t let this little set back stop me. During this time, I have some big plans up my sleeve! During the offseason, I plan to do a little more work with the camera just to make sure it’s all set for next season.

I have some things I need to change with it. My camera is not the only thing that could use some work. My skills need to also improve a little bit. Although I am pretty proud of how this season’s shots came out, I have some work personally I need to do.

I want to say during the offseason, but is there really an offseason? I am not convinced that there is because there is always some sort of hockey news happening. There are trips for hockey that need planning for and that’s what I plan to also do during this time. The NHL Draft in Montreal calls for some big planning and that’s my next step.

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Costa Rontzocos

My classes were cancelled, my company and gym closed their doors due to government requirements regarding the recent COVID-19 outbreak. I had to find something to fill in all this free time, so I turned to an old friend. It got me through tough times and was there when I needed it the most.

I don’t know where I would be without it. So, I booted up my ps4 and bought a handful of games. I love video games! Comparing my past gaming lifestyle to the one I have now is day and night.

For the longest time, I just played sports games like NHL, FIFA and Madden. Then during my high school years, I was introduced to series like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty. I have been transitioning to a wider variety of video game genre since then.

I’m now 22 and still haven’t gotten a chance to test some out like Doom and the Uncharted series, but that’s on my bucket list. Other than gaming, I have also continued to write and read on prospects and the draft, that won’t change. The one thing that I have learned over the last week or so is how much I miss being outside, even if it’s just to take a walk.

I had taken that for granted. Furthermore, I have enjoyed new music and managed to even learn a thing or two. But I can only take so much indoors! Ps: I said that like SpongeBob did. If you know, you know!

Cole Burston/The Canadian Press

Justin Levine

During the hockey hiatus, I have been busy with the site behind the scenes, editing all content that’s been ready to go and nailing out features to keep the readers coming back. While writing and report on Twitter plays a huge part in my daily activities, I have found time to step away and during that time, have been binge watching MasterChef Canada on Crave TV. During this hiatus, I have been keeping all contact lines open with Hockey Canada and the Ontario Hockey League.

Despite our typical gameday work, we have lots of creative content coming to the site in the weeks to come. From prospect profiles to features, be sure to stay tuned, this is only the beginning.

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Joseph Stanislau

During this hiatus, I took the time to reflect on what NHL Draft prospects make sense for The New Jersey Devils to select with the first three picks they currently have. Another thing I took up was getting the St. Patrick’s Day Martin Brodeur 552nd win against the Blackhawks and Patrik Eliaś setting the all time points total in New Jersey Devils history.

I have taken more time on Duolingo to learn French to deal with French speakers for this growing hockey league in North America and Europe. Also, I plan on learning Russian due to so many recent Devils draftees and a guy like Nikita Gusev who was in a sign and trade which inspired me from his Instagram account. Gusev always writes in Russian on Instagram and I began learning to read a bit of the Cyrillic alphabet.

I’m a big fan of genealogy. Usually when it comes to watching players who have family who were hockey players or athletes, it shows me which skills and traits they seem to resemble.

One of my favourite things to do is look at similar draft prospects and comparing them to other players in recent drafts with numbers and breaking down their highlights and skillsets.

Once the whole COVID-19 outbreak ends, I’m currently looking for trips in the late summer to get a break from all this craziness on the news.

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Spencer White

This has been the longest two months of my life. What’s that? TWO WEEKS??? IT’S ONLY BEEN TWO WEEKS???

Look. The Leafs have failed me for this entire season. It’s just constant pain. After the David Ayres loss, I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “That’s it. I need a break.”

I didn’t mean it, I swear! Let me watch another failed Cody Ceci play! Let’s see Michael Hutchinson give up another soft goal! Heck, bring back Mike Babcock for all I care!

As of right now, no hockey league is playing (to my knowledge). The last NA league to suspend their season was the GMHL and the KHL just cancelled their season.

So what have I done for the past few weeks? Absolutely nothing. Like millions of sports fans around the world, I discovered that I have a family. Pretty neat!

Also, I’ve been writing a lot of articles. A LOT. I’ve put out maybe eight articles since we were sent into impending doom. I usually barely get to three.

I mean, my life generally revolves around hockey, so the idea that there’s nothing to fill it in is driving me insane. I’ve been watching past Newfoundland Growlers games. They’re the only team in the Leafs organization that won’t make me want to watch golf instead.

It’s so weird, isn’t it? A whole global pandemic is taking place and all I can think about is hockey?

The truth is, you never know how much you need something until it’s gone! On that note:

Dear Tyson Barrie,

I’m very sorry for saying that “you suck” and that “a random person off of the street would play defence better than you.” I miss you. Losing you means I don’t have anyone to blame for life’s problems.



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