ECHL Releases First Segment Of Games In Split-Season Format

We’ve been waiting a very long time for the ECHL schedule to be released and during the COVID-19 pandemic, Christmas came early with the release in October. 13 teams begin play in December as part of phase one of the league’s split-season format. December 11th sees the season kicks off with 13 teams opening up a new slate. Let’s take a look at each team’s schedule and if I think they’ll start off hot or cold.

Allen Americans 

December 12th at Tulsa 

December 18th Rapid City 

December 19th Rapid City 

December 26th Tulsa 

December 27th Tulsa 

December 31st Wichita 

January 1st at Wichita 

January 2nd at Wichita 

January 8th at Kansas City 

January 9th at Kansas City 

How They’ll Start: I believe the Americans will have a hot start to the season with head coach Steve Martinson always putting together a talented team that plays the body.

Florida Everblades 

December 11th Jacksonville 

December 12th Orlando 

December 18th at Greenville 

December 19th at Greenville 

December 26th Jacksonville 

December 28th at Jacksonville 

December 30th Orlando 

January 2nd at Orlando 

January 3rd at Orlando 

January 8th at Orlando 

January 13th Jacksonville 

How They’ll Start: Brad Ralph will lead his Everblades to a very hot start and get a lead on the South Division. He has brought back a really good and talented core.

Greenville Swamp Rabbits 

December 11th at South Carolina 

December 12th at Jacksonville 

December 18th Florida 

December 19th Florida 

December 26th at South Carolina 

December 27th at South Carolina 

January 1st South Carolina 

January 6th Wheeling 

January 8th at Indy 

January 9th at Indy 

How They’ll Start: I believe head coach Andrew Lord will lead Greenville Swamp Rabbits to a warm start. Lord has been a very successful coach over in the EIHL and understands the ECHL as a player. I think the Swamp Rabbits will be contending for the South Division Title in May or June, but the start will be a little rocky as he adjusts back to the ECHL style. 

Indy Fuel 

December 11th Kansas City

December 12th at Wheeling 

December 18th at Kansas City 

December 26th Wheeling 

December 27th at Wheeling

December 31st at Wheeling 

January 2nd Wheeling 

January 8th Greenville 

January 9th Greenville 

How They’ll Start: Indy had a very talented team last season, but seemed to hit stretches of rough patches at times. I believe the Fuel will start off warm with Wheeling and Indy battling five times in a month. That will be quite rough with no other divisional opponents starting. Wheeling and Indy seem to always be very even.

Jacksonville Icemen 

December 11th at Florida 

December 12th Greenville 

December 18th South Carolina 

December 19th at South Carolina 

December 26th at Florida 

December 28th Florida 

December 29th at Orlando 

January 2nd South Carolina 

January 9th Orlando 

January 13th at Florida 

How They’ll Start: The Icemen are going to start out cold, but slowly and surely pick it back up. Florida, Greenville and South Carolina in the first six games is a tough task when Florida and South Carolina are always fighting for the #1 spot in the South.

Kansas City Mavericks 

December 11th at Indy 

December 18th Indy 

December 19th at Wichita

December 26th at Wichita 

December 27th at Wichita 

December 31st Tulsa 

January 2nd Tulsa 

January 8th Allen 

January 9th Allen 

How They’ll Start: I believe Kansas City will start out warm and have a good season under new head coach, Tad O’Had. He has learned from one of the best coaches, that being the Everblades bench boss, Brad Ralph. 

Orlando Solar Bears 

December 12th at Florida

December 18th at Wheeling Nailers 

December 19th at Wheeling Nailers

December 29th at Jacksonville

December 30th at Florida

January 2nd Florida 

January 3rd Florida

January 6th South Carolina 

January 8th Florida

January 9th at Jacksonville

How They’ll Start: I believe Orlando will start out cold, but get back in the South Division Playoff picture like Jacksonville.

Rapid City Rush 

December 11th Utah 

December 12th Utah 

December 18th at Alllen 

December 19th at Allen 

December 31st at Utah

January 1st at Utah 

January 2nd at Utah 

January 6th Wichita

January 8th Wichita 

January 9th Wichita

How They’ll Start: I believe this could be Rapid City’s year to compete for the coveted Kelly Cup. They seem to have talent brought in and started off hot in 2019-20. I believe the same will happen this season.

South Carolina Stingrays 

December 11th Greenville 

December 18th at Jacksonville 

December 19th Jacksonville 

December 26th at Greenville 

December 27th Greenville 

January 1st at Greenville 

January 2nd at Jacksonville 

January 6th at Orlando 

January 8th Wheeling 

January 9th Wheeling

How They’ll Start: Similar to Greenville and Florida, I believe the Stingrays will start warm and be in contention for the South Division Title.

Tulsa Oilers 

December 11th Wichita 

December 12th Allen 

December 18th at Utah 

December 19th at Utah

December 26th at Allen 

December 27th at Allen 

December 31st at Kansas City 

January 2nd at Kansas City 

January 8th Utah 

January 9th Utah 

January 10th Utah 

How They’ll Start: This is a tough one because the roster isn’t complete, but I believe Tulsa will actually start out cold and work their way back into the playoff race down the road.

Utah Grizzlies 

December 11th at Rapid City

December 12th at Rapid City 

December 18th Tulsa 

December 19th Tulsa 

December 31st Rapid City 

January 1st Rapid City 

January 2nd Rapid City 

January 8th at Tulsa 

January 9th at Tulsa 

January 10th at Tulsa

How They’ll Start: I predicted Rapid City with a hot start and the Tulsa Oilers starting off cold, so it only makes sense that the Utah Grizzlies start out warm. A contributor to this will be if Martin Ouellette makes his return to the hockey club.

Wheeling Nailers 

December 12th Indy 

December 18th Orlando 

December 19th Orlando

December 26th at Indy 

December 27th Indy 

December 31st Indy 

January 2nd at Indy 

January 6th at Greenville 

January 8th at South Carolina

January 9th at South Carolina

How They’ll Start: I believe the Wheeling Nailers will start off warm in 2020-21. The Nailers are even with Indy and traditionally do well against the South Division. 

Wichita Thunder 

December 11th at Tulsa 

December 19th Kansas City 

December 26th Kansas City 

December 27th Kansas City 

December 31st at Allen 

January 1st Allen 

January 2nd Allen 

January 6th at Rapid City 

January 8th Rapid City 

January 9th Rapid City 

How They’ll Start: I believe the Wichita Thunder will start off cold and finish the season similar to how they did last year.

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