Dillon’s Draft: 2020 NHL Entry Draft Mock Draft Round 4 Of 4

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Well, here it is. My final mock round of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft. See below for the final results.

Round Four

  1. Jan Bednar (Tampa Bay Lightning from Detroit Red Wings).
  2. Ronan Seeley (Ottawa Senators).
  3. Tyler Tullio (Calgary Flames from San Jose Sharks).
  4. Reid Valade (Los Angeles Kings).
  5. Wyatt Schingoethe (Montreal Canadiens from Anaheim Ducks).
  6. Oskar Magnusson (New Jersey Devils).
  7. Trevor Kuntar (Buffalo Sabres).
  8. David Aebischer (Montreal Canadiens).
  9. Mateusz Szurowski (Chicago Blackhawks).
  10. Anthony Aguanno (Arizona Coyotes).
  11. Cade Alami (Minnesota Wild).
  12. Stanislav Alexandrov (Vancouver Canucks).
  13. Malik Alishlalov (Anaheim Ducks from Nashville Predators).
  14. Ryan Alexander (Florida Panthers).
  15. Jacson Alexander (Los Angeles Kings from Calgary Flames).
  16. Mason Alderson (New York Rangers).
  17. Artur Akhtiamov (Montreal Canadiens from Winnipeg Jets).
  18. Vladimir Alistrov (New York Islanders).
  19. Ilya Altybarmakyan (Columbus Blue Jackets).
  20. Christoffer Sedoff (Toronto Maple Leafs).
  21. Joel Blomqvist (Carolina Hurricanes).
  22. Tobias Ancicka (Dallas Stars).
  23. Nathan Allensen (Detroit Red Wings from Edmonton Oilers).
  24. Isac Andersson (Toronto Maple Leafs from Vegas Golden Knights).
  25. Ethan Anders (Pittsburgh Penguins).
  26. Danil Antropov (Philadelphia Flyers).
  27. Vadim Antipin (Washington Capitals).
  28. Simon Andersson (Tampa Bay Lightning).
  29. Semyon Astashevsky (Colorado Avalanche).
  30. Alexandros Aslanidis (St. Louis Blues).
  31. Yegor Arbuzov (New Jersey Devils from Boston Bruins).
Codie McLachlan/The Canadian Press

Hope you enjoyed my mock draft. For full recap without going through the articles, head over to capfriendly.com and search Dillon’s draft to get my draft, which includes a sneak peek of what the fifth round might look like. However, I won’t be doing an article on the fifth round.

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