Adirondack Drops The Ball In New Year’s Eve Loss To Brampton Beast

Well, the Thunder got four out of a possible six points to end 2019 which is a high point after an 11 game losing streak they had this month. One can hope that Alex Loh’s new year’s resolution of more wins comes true and the Thunder can find a way into the Kelly Cup Playoffs.

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Thunder Blow Two Goal Lead, But Get The OT Win

Casey Pierro-Zabotel would get the party started 4:36 into the game which would prove to be a strong opening frame for the Kamloops native and the Adirondack Thunder. Adirondack would only allow four total shots to the Brampton Beast as only one of those would come within the first ten minutes of the game in Glens Falls. Eight of the Thunder’s 12 wins have come when they have had a lead after the game’s first period.

The defensive play would give the Thunder momentum as Robbie Payne would get a two-on-one with Ara Nazarian, but opt for the shot rather than the pass and find the back of the net to make it a 2-0 lead for the Thunder.

Two-goal leads have been an issue for Adirondack as of late and that issue reared its ugly head once again as Brampton got a goal late in the game’s second frame. With less than two minutes left, Cameron Bakker would score on a back-hander after having his first shot blocked then the second one saved by Evan Cormier. Cormier, the team’s starting goaltender, would turn over 22 shots in the 3-2 win. Brampton would tie the game with less than six minutes to play in the second as Francois Beauchemin would get his 12th of the regular season to send the game into overtime.

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On Monday, it would be Robbie Payne who scored his second goal of the night as he took a shot from about 20 feet out that would find the back of the Brampton Beast net. This would make the bus ride back to Glens Falls just a bit shorter for the Thunder as they would play the Beast again on Tuesday at 5:00pmET to bring to the year to a close.


First Period:

ADK: 4:16 Pierro-Zabotel (15) from Salhany and Henry

Second Period:

ADK: 0:46 Payne (9) unassisted

BRM: 18:01 Bakker (2) from Vallorani and Leavens

Third Period:

BRM: 14:07 Beauchemin (12) from Clapperton and Todd


ADK: 1:17 Payne (10) from Henry

Courtney Phillips/The Puck Authority

Adirondack Drops The Ball On New Year’s Eve

Adirondack ended 2019 with a 5-2 loss to the Brampton Beast. Both teams traveled through Monday night, but it seemed to be Brampton who had the easier and comfier bus ride as they quickly got out to a 2-0 lead. In the first, that would come courtesy of defensemen Trent Bourque and Perry D’Arisso. It was a different first period for the Thunder, allowing 15 shots in the first compared to Monday when they only allowed four in the opening frame.

Adirondack would get a glimmer of shine and hope in the second period as Gabriel Verpaelst would finish off a beautiful play started by forward Ludvig Larsson. “I just joined the rush and got the pass from Payner,” said Verpaelst who got his first goal since December 14th. Speaking of Robbie Payne, he had four points in the two games against Brampton, but discussed how everyone has a good game here and there.

“Individually everyone’s been having good games, but we need everyone to have good games every night which is starting to happen.” However, that would be as close as Adirondack would get during the game as Brampton would respond five and a half minutes later to double their lead and make it 3-1. Despite outshooting the Beast 20-9 in the final frame, Brampton would make the most of their opportunity, scoring twice. Casey Pierre-Zabotel added a power-play goal in the game’s last minute which brought the home-and-home to a bitter-sweet end, this bringing the calendar year to a close.

Courtney Phillips/The Puck Authority

When asked about his New Years’ resolutions, head coach Alex Loh kept it simple saying, “start winning more,” which isn’t a bad resolution seeing that Adirondack has taken two of their last three games. He also thinks that more practice time will help the Thunder as their schedule isn’t as crazy as it has been in the first 36 games of the season. Adirondack will head to Newfoundland for a pair of games on Friday and Saturday. The Growlers, located in St. John’s, have won 12 straight games when playing on home ice.


First Period:

BRM: 5:37 Borque (2) from Clapperton and Beauchemin

BRM: 10:51 D’Arrisso (1) from Leef and Bradford

Second Period:

ADK: 5:20 Verpaeist (3) from Payne and Larsson

BRM: 10:50 Leavens (13) from Vallorani

Third Period:

BRM: 1:14 Pacan (9) from Vallorani and Henry

BRM: 15:38 Clapperton (7) from Beauchemin(EN)

ADK: 19:17 Pierro-Zabotel (16) from Payne and Tonge

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