Adam Boqvist is something special. As ISS Hockey put it, he is gifted offensively, an excellent skater, can change gears without hesitation and loves carrying the puck.

This certainly pertains to this gifted prospect. From the Blackhawks perspective, Adam Boqvist is a valuable asset. He certainly has the potential to do something special out in Chicago. The Blackhawks brass should embrace the youngster and allow him to come up and play for the NHL club.

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Adam Boqvist has a chance to become one of the greats. His offensive abilities are analogous with the offensive defensemen from the Sharks, Brett Burns. His balance and stick work is something that is elite and will not go unnoticed.

Another attribute that he has is his offensive creativity. His handles are similar to that of veteran right-winger Patrick Kane.

Patrick Kane’s handles

He skates through the zone as smooth as Connor McDavid. The best way to describe Boqvist is “All-in-all”. Adam Boqvist is a complete offensive defensemen who knows how to get the puck from point A to the back of the net and can make it happen all by himself. (Curtis Joe, EP 2017).”

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America


Adam Boqvist is very sound defender. His stick is very active in his own zone. As a rookie, he will develop more reasonability in his own zone, but shows he can stay true to the overall defensive structure. I believe he can become a solid two way defensemen. His size will also help with the upward trend of these agile big defensemen.

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The Big Question

The Blackhawks have missed the playoffs for two years straight. Adam Boqvist could be the catalyst that helps Chicago punch their playoff ticket this year. Yes, it would behoove the Blackhawks and their coaching staff to consider bringing him up and playing hockey with the club in October. A real glaring hole that the Blackhawks had last year was their defence.

That being said, recalling Adam Boqvist would benefit both parties. He can bring his offensive game to bolster Chicago’s lineup, an example of the creativity he can bring to the ice found below.

In addition, he can counter the Central defensive lineups. By this, I simply mean that in the Central Division, they have a conspicuous amount of offensive defensemen.

The Defensive Line Pairing

The Chicago Blackhawks could strengthen their defence core with the addition of Adam Boqvist. He could be paired with Duncan Keith. This may be the perfect scenario for Duncan Kieth because he has put on a lot of miles on those legs.

This way, the seasoned veteran can pass on all of his knowledge to the young gun. Also, this move could allow Keith a way to save his legs and be a more stay at home defensive partner.

They have been paired together twice this preseason.

In conclusion, Adam Boqvist is dynamic. He moves with such fluidity and valence that it is like he is floating on the ice. He can really help the Chicago Blackhawks get back to their dominate ways by the way he moves the puck through the zones and how he scores goals. It’s truly a treat to watch him perform at the level in which he does.

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